Hello food!

Welcome to my first blog!

Fearing that I may be starting to bore my family with my constant food talk, I thought i’d try a new audience – Lucky you!

I spend much of my time perusing menus and dreaming of one day eating at the finest establishments. However, being seventeen, currently it is only that – a dream, with my budget being more suited to pizza express than Noma!

Unfortunately, my obsession does mean that the little matter of my a-levels are left feeling a little  neglected, but I thought if I start writing it down, at least I was practicing my essay writing, sort of – hopefully my mum will buy that one.

I shall be posting restaurant reviews, latest food information and the restaurants I would most like to visit – you can always dream!

Keep an eye out – my first real blog shall be reviewing Gordon Ramsey’s Royal Hospital road.

Thanks for reading. Eat, drink and be merry!


5 thoughts on “Hello food!

    1. sumray2012 Post author

      Welll, in the midst of our excitment, we forgot to take of the starter and main.
      Although the dessert was the best looking dish of the night.

      It will be posted this afternoon


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