My top 5 most exciting resturaunts in London

My list of the most exciting London resturaunts currently

All views are my own and not those of the establishment.

The contenders: Bob Bob Richard, The Ledbury, Viajante, Inamo. 

While these restaurants are very exciting to me, they failed to reach my top 5. Inamo for example is innovative in its use of technology. You order via an electronic table, on which you can play games while you wait. However, the food isn’t quite there to reach my discerning standards! 

5) Pollen street social – It is clear what Jason Atherton was looking for when he opened up his first solo venture, Pollen Street social and the clues in the name. The restaurant is tailored for an enjoyable, relaxed yet fine eating occasion. There is a special dessert bar, a featuring of young British art talent, and the food sounds rather good too. Pollen street social has opened to rave reviews, with people enjoying the mix of Michelin standard food, in relaxed surroundings. 

4) Hedone – Chef Mikeal Jonsson, previously lawyer and flood blogger and an adviser to chefs as to where to find the best produce, opened Hedone only last year. He has transferred his knowledge and love for ingredients into his unique cooking style, in which he offers a menu that can change day to day, from lunch to dinner and even in between services, depending on what produce is available. He sources his meat from famous butchers O’shea’s in which he has his own shelf. He sets the temperature and humidity to his exacting judgments and hangs his beef for up to seventy days. It’s this dedication that earned Hedone its first Michelin star after only a year in operation. 

3) Dinner by Heston Blumenthal – Heston Blumenthal has opened up in London! Everything that could be said about the Fat Duck has been; best restaurant in the world in 2005, 3 Michelin stars, still regarded by many as the best restaurant in England and Heston is trying the same formula but this time in the country’s capital. Looking through the menu, like the Fat Duck is not the usual cuisine; dishes including, ‘ A made dish of Parmesan’, ‘Chicken cooked with lettuces’ and ‘Rice and Flesh’ amongst many others. However as proved with the Dinner By Heston Blumenthal being voted the 9th best restaurant in the world (above the Fat Duck), the unusualness of the menu is not primarily to provide novelty but delivers on flavour and presentation. 

2) Dabbous – Dabbous is the restaurant to eat at the moment, that is of course if you can get in. The newly established restaurant has already gained a reputation for being almost impossible to get a table. I recently tried to book here, in which there were no tables for a few months, and that was for a lunchtime! Incidentally the lunchtime deal of £26 for four courses seems to be about the best deal in London. It follows the trend in modern cooking, with many of the dishes sounding bizarre, and some would say not very appetising on paper, for example Speckled endive with gingerbread, orange and mint and Hispi cabbage with sunflower.  

And at number 1…..

1) Roganic – The man behind 2 Michelin starred L’enclume has popped up in London and I for one am extremely happy to have him here. After huge success on Great British menu and with his flagship restaurant, Rogan is one of the most exciting talents in this country. Before Roganic, if you had wanted to taste Rogan’s food a trip up to Cumbria was once needed. 

Please comment on which restaurants you agree or disagree with and which restaurants you would have in your own top 5 (not restricting to London).

Thanks for reading. I shall next be reviewing Corrigan’s Mayfair, on the 8th February.


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