My Galvin at Windows review

For me there are two indicators of quality on arrival at a restaurant, 1) The toilets and 2) if Raymond Blanc is amongst the customers. Amazingly both were ticked; no greater first impression could have been made.

Bread was average. The granary variety had little flavour. Better was a trendy share and tear bread that was similar in flavour to a focaccia.


Being a nice Jewish boy, I gave up the choice of going for the Pigs head terrine, with foie gras and black pudding – I fear God would have struck me down there and then if I did. Instead I went for the much holier Haddock ravioli, with a poached egg, brioche crumbs and capers.

The capers and brioche were rather lost in the creamy fish emulsion, although what was left was more than satisfactory. Beautifully soft smoked haddock delivered a striking fish flavour and worked well with the paper thin pasta. The whole thing amalgamated into a very pleasant, perhaps ever so slightly, too subtle taste.


For main, plaice with broccoli puree, samphire and black rice. The fish was perfectly cooked, which is always nice. The puree, worked well, but was ever so slightly bitter and left an undesired aftertaste. The rice was a bit of a revelation and for someone (me) who think that potatoes are overrated, a welcome change. The samphire added the crunch and saltiness the dish needed. The original dish included chorizo, but I fear even in sausage form God would look unfavourably at me for eating pork! An omission that didn’t affect my overall enjoyment of the dish.


For dessert, I had a baked apple (One of my new year’s resolutions was to eat more fruit) with apple sorbet, crème anglaise and beurre noisette crumbs. The apple was superbly cooked, with a generous topping of caramel (still counts!). The sorbet, was perhaps too small, because once I had run out, with a third of the apple left, the dish became a bit too heavy and sickly. The beurre noisette crumbs were cookie dough esque and very tasty indeed.


We were presented with a jar of marshmallows with the bill. But these weren’t the sort that you could roast over an open flame, singing kumbaya, more the sort to sip with a cup of tea and really appreciate. Somehow they had managed to refine a marshmallow, the end result of which was very nice indeed; especially the zingy lime flavoured one I had.



Chocolates as well! Very nice too

Overall, a very pleasant meal, one of the best I’ve had.


Service: 8.5/10

Value : 8/10 – £29 for three courses, plus a fair few extras

View: 10/10 – I would reccomend this place purely on its view. If you can get a window seat, it is well worth the journey.A great place for a romantic meal I would suggest and yes I am free ladies.

I shall not be posting another review until May, as I have run out of money!

Thank you for reading. Eat, drink and be merry.

Please comment, like and share (if you wish).


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