Who knew Salad could be this nice!

Thought i’d try something a bit different and offer a quick recipe, and no, it’s not just more procrastination of my actual A – level work!

No measurements or real method by the way – It’s all about the improvisation!

Here we go:

Quinoa/giant couscous – I find giant couscous works better

Roast some veg of (make sure you don’t cook them to death, we want some crunch) – tomatoes and peppers are essentials for me, then add as you wish –  adding a few fennel seeds, particulalry when roasting with tomatoes is something that really works + some balsimc vinegar. Beetroot, asparagus, green leaves, etc, would all be nice.

Use the oil and juices from the roasted vegetables

Plenty of seasoning

A nice touch is to caramelize some walnuts off – they add a great sweetness and crunch to the dish. 

Now, improvise! If you have some olives, chuck them in. Got some herbs spare (basil, parsley – something I have found is quite effective- fry off some sage and get it all nice and crispy) then please use them. Cheese – why not, some crumbled up feta would work well. 

Mix everything together and voila!

The salad done well (so don’t blame me if it’s no good!) should be full of different textures,  varying temperatures and pretty healthy too.

This salad on its own is normally adequate enough, as it is quite hearty, but with a nice piece of fish, it would make a lovely partnership.



Please let me know if you have a go.


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