Pan fried Salmon with Asparagus, Pea and Spinach veloute and toasted Quinoa

As promised, here is another recipe for y’all

Again no measurements or real method, just see what happens (this partly means I do not have to take full responsibility if anything goes wrong).

Start with the veloute. Now, I say Veloute, but It may very well just be a sauce, I just thought it sounded a touch more classy.


Fry some onion and celery off.

After a while add some chopped up asparagus. Now add your peas and spinach.

Add some stock and a whole lot of seasoning.

Now blitz it up and taste! I found adding lemon is particularly effective, as it citrus works well with the Salmon – it may also stop the spinach from browning, but I’m no scientist.

In the meantime cook your quinoa as per instructions.

When it is cooked, dry it out and simply fry it off, until it becomes slightly crispy.

Pan fry the Salmon, shouldn’t take any longer than 5 minutes (again, please don’t hold me to this).

Now assemble – please see the picture to guide with presentation – but off course this is entirely up to you.


This dish requires a lot of seasoning, in every component, so taste, taste, taste!

A fresh, light and tasty dish if I may say so myself (it’s my blog, I can say what I want!)


Let me know what you think, and as always, please like, follow and share.

Thank you


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