I think it is time we start to show them some respect!

Too many people view vegetables as an afterthought of their dinner, when they can be an integral, delicious part of it.

It’s like, we have been told to eat vegetables as they are healthy, so we will stick them on at the last minute, with little thought. Enjoy your veg!

Don’t just boil your broccoli; griddle it, stir fry it with some garlic, ginger and chilli.

Don’t just boil your carrots; roast them with a bit of honey and some fennel seeds.

Add to your peas, some butter, seasoning and mint and crush.

Don’t just steam your asparagus; griddle with salt, pepper and balsamic.

And so on and etcetara

But the one that really gets me, is the boiled potato (I think that counts as a vegetable). Just don’t do it!

Please share your tips on vegetable improvement!


2 thoughts on “Vegetables

  1. comomanger

    I totally agree! carrots are delicious roasted with cumin and coriander seeds, and boring cauliflower comes alive when roasted with ground cumin and then sprinkled with toasted almonds and lemon zest!


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