Posh dinner! Ravioli with wild mushrooms in a butter caper sauce

Decided to treat myself and go all posh

I must confess, I didn’t make my own ravioli or grow my own mushrooms for my own matter.

Apart from the fact I do not own a pasta machine, making pasta just isn’t my thing anyway. However, I must say fresh, homemade pasta is far superior (in my experience anyway)

The ravioli was from the Tesco finest range – Portobello mushroom, black truffle and ricotta; at least I’m not spending my student loan on cheap Vodka!

I saute’d the mushrooms (chanterelles) in a fairly large amount of butter and oil (bit annoyed as I forgot to buy sage and or thyme, which I feel would have been a nice addition; we’ll never know!) A splash of white wine, may also have worked, but I didn’t have any (see above). A bit of stock would also work.

A dash of lemon, season and some capers and that’s it (plus some pine nuts that I toasted of separately). I wanted the mushrooms to be the star of the dish, so didn’t want an overly complicated, over powering sauce.

Finish off with some balsamic and there you have it.

If I had the time or frankly the inclination I would of made a pumpkin, butternut squash type puree. I feel it would have complemented the mushrooms well and made a nice contrast.

What do you lot reckon?


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