Pasta just like Dada used to make

I love my dad’s cooking. He is the self proclaimed ‘King of the makeshift’. Meaning, no matter what little ingredients he has available, he will always find a way to make something delicious.

He has made some, what I think are restaurant quality pasta dishes, including a duck ragout, made with leftovers from the roast the night before.

This recipe is very simple and requires very little ingredients, but delivers big on flavour and texture.

Here we go:


Fresh breadcrumbs

Pine nuts




Chili, nutmeg, garlic, capers, sage- (work well, but not completely essential, if you are in a real rush)

All you do is;

Fry off the chili and garlic in butter and oil

Add the breadcrumbs.

Add the (toasted) pine nuts


Add pasta and toss with a bit more oil and butter

Serve with grted Parmesan.

A nice touch is to fry of some sage until it is crispy

There you go, it really is that simple

Please have a go and let me know your thoughts. I love it (I can say that, it’s not my recipe!)


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