Christmas leftovers!

Christmas leftovers.

I would simply recommend not buying as much as the last year! But of course, the inevitable mountain of leftovers is all part of what makes Christmas, Christmas!

Here’s a recipe that is perfect for such an occasion, where you have leftovers galore; i.e Christmas!

Again ‘created’ by my father. Very simple, wholesome, filling and above all, tasty.


Leftover cooked turkey (doesn’t have to be Christmas turkey)

Onions, celery, garlic

Red Wine, stock

Sage, rosemary

Lentils, rice

Sweat off the onion, celery and garlic. Add any other vegetable; mushrooms, peppers – the choice is yours (just don’t blame me if it goes wrong). Fry with some rosemary/sage/thyme or any herbs you wish (see above brackets)

I usually go for a Morrocan twist, so add some ras el hangout and alike. But you can go Spanish, Italian and so on

Add a good glut of red wine and some stock

Let this reduce down a touch.

Add pre cooked puy lentils and rice

Add in turkey – it’s important to only heat the turkey through, it doesn’t need long.

Keep the stock handy as it could get quite stodgy if you don’t keep it moist.

Sorted. From start to finish about twenty minutes.


Let me know thoughts/improvements

Thank you

Merry Christmas one and all


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