Chinese beef soup

Another of my dad’s concoctions (although not really an original dish, I think the Chinese have been making a similar dish for hundreds of years before).

There are two ways to go with this – either a quick, lunch or the full shazam


I’ll start by giving the quick, lunch version and then tell you what I would do to make it a bit more special (no offence Dad). 


Mushrooms, carrots, spring onions, chilli, ginger


Beef stock (we only had shop brought – worked fine)


Soy sauce, fish sauce, five spice


Really all there is to do is to combine it all together. 

Cut the veg, chill and ginger very small and thin, particularly the carrot. 

It is quite nice with the carrot to still be slightly raw – so the soup does;t have to cook for too long

Add them to the water and stock.

Add in the soy, five spice and fish sauce, along with the noodles (remember the noodles will continue to cook, so if anything undergo them)

That’s it really

Extremely fast, simple and surprised me with the flavour punch it provided.


To refine the dish slightly, the main and most obvious alteration would be to use better stock

The soup would make the ideal dish after a whole roasted duck the night before, using the carcass for the stock and any left over meat – like a chicken soup, but an Asiany one and duck!

Maybe some crushed peanuts to add some more texture or perhaps cut your carrot at slightly differing thicknesses to get a sort of carrot three ways thing going on

You could also make it slightly more substantial, by packing it full of other veg (maybe a greeny leaf like some sort of cabbage)

Add what you will. Please let me know suggestions, comments so on

Enjoy and of course happy new year to you all





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