The Ledbury Tasting Menu, My Review


Having run out of money, I have been unable to supplement your needs for a humorous, well written review of late. So when my 18th birthday came around, I thought hard of what I would ask for. Being a momentous year, I took the charity route; I would go out to eat and this would feed all your appetites for an Alex’s food review (how generous I am!)

First up, The ledbury

We didn’t so much opt, as we were forced to have the tasting menu, having changed their policy, meaning that Friday and Saturday nights that is all they would be serving; this only came to light after we booked – in for a penny (easy for me to say, when I’m not paying!)

Even before the amuse bouche, we were brought some canapés – the amuse before the bouche if you like.  A small oat cake topped with foie gras…

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