My week of food heaven; revisited

So, I blogged last week about how I was going to treat myself, to live in a haze of pure food ecstasy for a week. 

I ate well yes, but wasn’t the best food week I could in visage, missing a few inclusions that weren’t possible to, well, include. 

A trip to a top restaurant would have been there, a visit or two to my local south Indian (Sai Mantra), which serves perhaps the tastiest food I have ever eaten. Maybe an afternoon tea to top it off.

But being a university student, and thus on a university student budget, my week of food heaven was a rather watered down version.

Still, I ate pretty well most days.

I started with a lovely, fresh fillet of Cod. Pan fried and served with spinach and a caper butter. 














The next night was the star of the show/week. A lovely breast of duck. My all time favourite meat. Because of the high esteem I hold it with, I kept it very simple. Simply rendered the fat until it was nice and crispy in a pan and finished in the oven for 5 or so minutes. Slicing into it and finding that glow of pink rare meat was particularly satisfying. Of course don’t forget the seasoning.



I served with a very fresh, tasty asian salad. I mixed fish sauce with lime, sugar and soy. Add chilli, spring onions and pepper (veg). Then fresh rice noodles and tossed. Very much recommend and worked nicely with the duck.

Craving the salty, sour, sweet salad again and with some leftover ingredients left in my fridge, I made it again. This time I very quickly fried some thin strips of chicken and spiced it lightly. Took me about 10 minutes to make this and was just very tasty.

I then headed to the comfort foods. A big serving of bolognese. Can’t go wrong, say no more!


Finally, another of my favourite salads;  the recipe you can see in my backlog. Giant couscous, roasted veg, caramelised walnuts, beetroot – bliss.

My supplies started to dwindle slightly and the rest of the week faded into territories not worth blogging about. 

Also, made some bread rolls for lunches. Best lunch I had though was spicy scrambled eggs. Onion, chilli, spring onion, tomato, eggs, cumin – really satisfying and a good way to use up things in the fridge. 


So, what would your week of food heaven consist of. Would you go for those comfort classics; bolognese, shepherds pie, basically any mince based dish. Or splash out on luxury ingredients and visit your favourite restaurants?

Let me know. 

Thanks for reading

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