I’m not being (completely) lazy

Firstly, I must apologise for my lack of blogging. I have just come back from a 5 week trip to Europe (well about a 1/6 of it anyway). And so, although I may well be lazy, complete laziness is not why I have neglected by blogging duties of late.

Of my 550 photos, almost half are food related. I have thus decided to write a travely foody sort of booky thing.

I’m looking to include tips on avoiding a bad restaurant whilst traveling, restaurant suggestions, a couple of restaurant reviews. Will hopefully, but I make no guarantee of it being a humorous, maybe even a little informative and something else (was always taught to write in 3’s) sort of travel diary.

I was lucky enough and spoilt enough to visit the number 3 restaurant in the world, Osteria Francescana on my trip. I think I may leave the review for my book.

By my current rate of progress, this book may take my the rest of my life to complete (if Im still not finished by national retirement age ((probably around 90 by the time I get there)), I will post the separate review of Osteria Francescana on my blog instead (((so watch this space!))).

Name suggestions welcome; I was thinking of the very original, Travel like a foodie. Yes, I do mean thinking, that was literally (in its true definition), the only ((passable)) name I have come up with so far, so this is a serious cry for name help.

Thank you. Oh, if ever released, the book will be an Ebook


3 thoughts on “I’m not being (completely) lazy

    1. You Food (@youfood)

      Hi Alex, I love the sound of your book! 🙂 I think you previously set up a website with a ‘youfood’ domain, so I have been thinking about contacting you for some time. I’d like to find out more about your book and your future career plans, to see if we might be able to work together in some way. Perhaps we can arrange a time for a chat on the phone? Please respond via Twitter. Best wishes, Tracy


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