Hello Fresh

The tag line for Hello Fresh is ‘everything but the chef’. Their hope and aim being to take the hassle out of cooking, delivering you ingredients for recipes, that you merely have to assemble.

What could go wrong…

Well, on the first night, prepped with making a simple stir fry, I pour boiling water all down myself.

I demand a refund!

Of course, I write this in jest, though maybe they should consider an ‘idiots box’ and actually send a chef with each delivery, aimed at people as incompetent as me.

The stir fry itself, titled as double satay was a perfectly acceptable meal. It had a lovely peanut taste as advertised. Ingredients were of decent quality, though the Bok choi was unusable, in that there was hardly any of it.

The Thai basil sent with the box gave a lovely citrus undertone to the dish. Like using lime, but with more a fragrant flavour and something I shall look for more in my future cooking ventures.


Not a looker, but it’s hard to dress up a stir fry!



Next up, aubergine and chickpea tagine. I had gone for the vegetarian box by the way, as the options on offer were more appealing to me than the classic box; I’m no veggie however!

A dish like this, hadn’t even entered my consciousness in terms of possible meals I could make; mainly because I don’t own a tagine! This is definitely something I like about Hello Fresh, in that, if you’re ever bored or losing inspiration with your recent dinners, you’re bound to get some new, creative ideas, in ordering a box. The fact you can create your very own cookbook by amassing your favourite recipes, is equally appealing.

The dish was easy to prepare and satisfying in terms of taste and most definitely in satiety! One of the first dinners I’ve had in a long time that has made me forgo my nightly tea and biscuit(s) ritual (that’s right, I know how to live it up!)


I’d like to apologise for the shoddy cameraship* of this post. *I’m aware this isn’t a word.

Ingredients like the dried apricots and flaked almonds for the tagine and Thai Basil in the stir fry dramatically enhanced both dishes. It’s nice to see, ingredients that can’t be considered essentials included by Hello Fresh, showing that they are not scrimping on money in exchange for quality or flavour.

I did have a few gripes with some of the fresh ingredients received in the box. A half-rotten onion, slightly soft pepper and a quite pitiful portion of Pak Choi would make me consider re-ordering. However, I think the pros outweighed the cons.

Easily pleased I know, but coming home to find a Hello Fresh box on your doorstep, was quite exciting. Maybe a student shouldn’t derive such joy over what was essentially a box of vegetables, but hey that’s who I am now, that’s what I’ve become!

The final dish left to prepare was ‘A virtuous vegetarian curry’; though I pimped it up by adding some chicken. If I had one word to describe it, ‘virtuous’ wouldn’t be it. I’d probably plump for solid; though I can see it contains none of the alliterative attributes or effusive qualities that Hello Fresh were looking for, when searching for an adjective!

The yellow curry paste was mild, without lacking depth. Maybe I’m a carnivore who has gone past the point of no return, but I feel without the chicken I added, mushrooms, green beans and corn would have been inadequate to cull the yearning that is my appetite come dinner time. When I see a curry served up, I become tunnel visioned and in this curry induced, sleepwalkesque state, I don’t have a picture of the finished dish to show. Though presentation has never been a strong point of mine, so you’re not missing match there… as you’ve seen!


Using a free gift voucher I received with something I had ordered*, Hello Fresh was definitely worth giving a go and something I’d keep in mind to do again. However, at the usual price of £36, which feeds 2 people for 3 dinners, I feel is a little pricey. Personally, I could spend £5 or £10 more for a whole weeks worth of shopping.

Anyhow, I enjoyed all 3 meals, so I would recommend giving it a go if you can and thanks to Hello Fresh for the voucher (not that it was an entirely altruistic gesture I’m aware!)

*Salt, for the nosey of you reading)

Sometime over the festive period (hopefully) I shall be releasing my very own E-book, based on my travels and subsequently eating whilst on my travels this summer, so keep your eyes peeled!
Of course I will bombard you with reminders when the time nears.

Thanks for reading, Alex


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