Bio: Love a bit a food! Look out for my blogs for restaurant reviews and anything food related. Including my tips of where is best to eat, and the best eats at a low price!

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Sophie

    Hi Alex,

    Really enjoying your blog and have already taken some great tips (especially from your suggested recipes), so thank you!

    I am part of a London-based startup called Iam150/. We’re creating an interest network focused around bringing people of a shared mindset together within small, closed groups – interest groups of up to 150 individuals. One of the recent groups we’ve developed is an interest group called ‘The Daily Feed’, focused around dining and lunching in central London.

    We’d love to provide access for you to be amongst the first to get involved in this group and to help pinpoint and discuss favourite eateries and new-found treats! We hope the group would also create opportunities for you to progress content and gain extra feedback/comments for your own site.

    I’ve tried not to bombard you with information, so if you’re thirsty for more then please don’t hesitate to drop me an email. If you’re interested in getting involved then we’d love to have you on board… the link to the beta site is: http://trial.iam150.com/ and the group name is ‘The Daily Feed’ (I suggest bookmarking this URL).

    All the best,


    1. sumray2012 Post author

      Thanks very much Sophie, pleased you’re enjoying my blogs.

      Sounds intriguing, but I’m not entirely clear what it would involve; I’ll be interested to learn more.

      Look forward to hearing from you


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